Wholesaler Cat sterilizer, sterilize bottles, pacifiers, small toys, tooth gels, etc. One button switch disinfection.

$50.00 $15.00

      1.This is a cartoon UV sterilizer with pointed small ears, round head and small head, or blinking or blinking at you, two small claws under the gang, it seems to be spoiled again.
      2.Just put two 7-cell batteries and touch the head for 2 seconds. The small lights will light up immediately, and the kitten will immediately sterilize the bottle mouth in your stomach. In order not to let go of every sterilization dead angle, in addition to ultraviolet light, the kitten will release ozone, so that the whole gas is filled inside and outside the bottle, double sterilization, with half the effort.
       3.Wait until six minutes have passed, the disinfection is completed, the kitten will automatically shut down, the small lights will be extinguished, no noisy or noisy, and when you think of it, it is already a disinfectable bottle.
       4.If you only want to go out for a short time, afraid that the baby will cry, we will bring a pacifier. At this time, the kitten’s body can be removed and turned into a small kitten. While holding the pacifier, it will go out with poison.
       5.When you go out, just pull its small left ear gently, the small ear becomes a small handle, and a small finger can be carried out.




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